Andre Maat

André makes films that are fun to watch. His style can best be described as quirky:
[ˈkwəːki’ : Showing an off-beat sense of humour with the ability to put forth many amazing smiles from people.]


He’s is the type of director who can make instant noodles look cool and turn Christmas trees into (friendly?) human beings. His films may look oh-so-simple, but you’ll find there’s always a strong concept and an element of surprise.


André works with a playful blend of odd characters and colorful art direction which makes it easy to guess that his favorite movie directors are Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry, Tim Burton and Spike Jonze.


On a technical side, André has a master’s degree in visual trickery with splitscreens, flipbooks, stop-motion, animated GIFs or optical illusions.


When he’s not making films, he takes long walks with his dog Disko, paddles out on his surfboard or plays volleyball with his friends who are all 1m taller than him. André’s German roots are easy to be noticed in his accent and you can always wake him for up a cold beer, but nor for sausages.