Marco Grandia

Marco Grandia’s father advised him to create things out of chocolate, like he was doing. Marco liked the taste of chocolate, but rather went skateboarding. With a fish-eye lens scotch-taped to his second hand hi-8 camera, he directed and edited a full length skateboardvideo on two vhs-recorders in 1995. He did not know back then that you could go to film school, respected his father and the chocolate business, but followed his hart and kept on shooting and learning.


Hard cut to: 2017.
3 skateboard videos, 5 snowboard videos, various tv programs, over 50 music video’s, more than 200 commercials, a couple of global campaigns for Adidas, BMW & Turkish Airlines and some awards later… Marco’s father still makes chocolate and can sometimes be seen in his sons work… if you pay close attention, you can see his proud old face behind Messi’s chair in the ‘Kobe vs Messi’ commercial.